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Accumulator locomotive ARP2T

It is designed for transportation of trains in underground workings of mines and pits with a gradient up to 0.005 and track bending radius minimum8 m, wherein the current safety regulations permit operation of accumulator locomotives. The electric locomotive is manufactured according to the Technical Specifications of Ukraine 35.2-25103132-020:2010. It is designed for hauling operations in mines, pits and quarries.

The electric locomotives are produced in version U5 under GOST 15150-69 for a land, where height above sea level does not exceed 1200m.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Parameter designation Unit of measure Value
 1. Traction effort in hours mode
for a track 550, 575,600 kN 3,2
for a track 750,900 3,2
 2. Speed – in hours mode
for a track 550, 575,600  km/h  3,8
for a track 750,900  3,8
 3. Railway motor power in hours mode


 4. Railway motor type    МТ-2
 5. Clearance, minimum  mm  35
 6. Power capacity of accumulator battery  kWt/h  19-60
 7. Accumulator battery type    TNZhSh, PzS
 8. Rigid wheelset  mm  650
9. Nominal track rail gage  mm 550-900
 10. Overall dimensions:
length over buffers mm 2130
width for a track 550, 575,600 900
width for a track 750,900 1050
height 1360
11. Nominal wheel diameter on tread mm 480
12. Mass t 2,0

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