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Accumulator locomotive АRP8Т

PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” produces in lots the electric locomotive of new technical level АRP8Т/2АRP8Т. The locomotive has been worked out based upon the most wide-spread and convenient in operation electric locomotive АМ8D/2АМ8D.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Mass kg 8700/8000±160
2. Hours mode parameters:
-Electric motor power (total) kWt 26
-speed km/h 6,8
-traction effort kN 12,2
3. Mode duration parameters:
-speed km/h 10
-traction effort kN 4,6
4. Design speed km/h 14
5. Maximum overall dimensions L/W/H mm 4550
1650 with cabin
6. Rigid wheelset mm 1 200±60
7. Minimum clearance mm 100
8. Wheel diameter on tread mm 680
9. Sand system   manual mechanic
10. Electric equipment version   “RV”
11. Accumulator battery version   “RP”
12. Brake system   Electrodynamic and manual, blocking

Comparative characteristics

Serial no. Safety regulation requirements list Availability «+» Absence «-»
Locomotive АRP8Т Locomotive АМ8D
1 Availability of smooth starting and braking +
2 Possibility to control and protect the railway motors against overloads +
3 Availability of stabilized power supply +
4 Availability of parking (red) light +
5 Possibility to switch the headlamps from downward beam to  high beam light +
6 Availability of audio two-tone warning device +
7 Locomotive control interlocking out of cabin +
8 Possibility to start the locomotive only from zero controller position +
9 Possibility to get out of cabin in both sides +
10 Compliance with GOST requirements 12.2.112 and “Temporary safety requirements to main mining equipment for coal and shale mines” +

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